I love watching football.  I really love watching football in a great Saloon.

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite locals to watch the NFC and AFC championship games.  I arrived at the beginning of the second half of the Jets and Colts game. All the usual suspects were in attendance and the place had a great energy. It is always a very peaceful and fun place to watch a ballgame.  However, as there always seems to be, there was one jerk in the group.  Much to my dismay he was wearing a Jets jersey.  

He was one of those loud obnoxious know-it-all types who felt he had to comment on every play. He was calling  offensive plays and the defensive schemes in a very, very loud voice.  Most of the time he was wrong.

This guy would give a woodpecker a headache.  

At one point I found myself standing next to him. I commented to my friend that I thought there should have been a penalty flag against the Jets on a certain play.  This jackass preceded to jump down my throat.  I very quietly and calmly explained to him that I would appreciate it greatly if he did not interfere in my conversation with my friend.  

Well, actually I was not quiet nor calm and I really don’t think I used the term appreciate.   He got the message and decided he was going to be my friend.  

I liked it better when he didn’t like me.

For the rest of the game he continued to annoy everyone in the place.  I found myself ducking him at every turn and explaining to anyone who would listen that he was not a New Yorker, actually he was from Australia.  

This episode made me realize that maybe some people need a little crash course in how to watch a sporting event in a bar.  

Enter the Saloon Guy.

First, while most Saloon owners want you to feel at home in their establishment, you really are not at home. Try and keep your language civil and your volume down to a low roar.  

Second, don’t be butting into other peoples conversations.  Sure, it’s a public place so there is really no expectation of privacy, never the less stay in your own space

Third, don’t ever be confrontational with people because they are rooting for the other team.   It’s only a game don’t take it so personally.  Trust me, the players don’t, why the hell should the fans.  

Cheering and yelling and whooping and hollering at the proper time of the game is all absolutely fine and fun.  Just screaming stupid invectives at the television is not. By the way, I thought most people realized this but when you yell at the television the people on television can’t really hear you.   So what’s the point?

Everyone wants to have a great time.  Just try to remember that your idea of a great time might not be the same idea as the person sitting next to you. 

I totally realize that a Saloon is not a Church, and there is no Holy Water in those bottlesbehind the bar.  People are going to get a little loud and rambunctious when they have had a belly full of loud mouth soup.  Remember you are not in your living room and your not alone.  

Having said all that I would like to share a few thoughts as a post mortem for these two terrific football games.  Jets fans should hold their heads high.  What a future that team has with a great young quarterback in Sanchez and a great young running back in Green.  With an outstanding defense and a head coach who looks like he would be the guy yelling at the TV if you were sitting next to him in a Saloon, the Jets will be a fun team to watch for years to come. 

Brett Favre is what we knew he was.  A great QB who will make a mistake at the wrong time of a big game.  Life is always a roller-coaster ride with this guy.  

The Saints are carrying on their broad shoulders the hopes of a city that just a few years ago had no hope at all.  Good luck to them all.

Peyton Manning is the best quarterback ever.  He seems to actually be able to will his team to victory.  

It will  be a great Super Bowl.  So, find a great Saloon to watch the game and have a great time.  Just remember to behave yourself.